The Last Cookware You’ll Ever Need

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This Set Is a Game-Changer, But It Doesn’t Have to Be

Award-winning design. Built to last generations.

  • Made in the USA

  • No Chemical Coatings

  • Induction Compatible, Oven & Dishwasher Safe

  • 30-Day Trial & Lifetime Warranty

Introducing: The Proclamation Duo

  • 1

    A pot

  • 2

    A skillet

  • 3

    A lid


A Cookware Chameleon with Dozens of Functions

  • Skillet

  • Stock Pot

  • Dutch Oven

  • Saucier

  • Deep-Fryer

  • Wok

  • Cloche

  • Baking Dish

We're Being Duped Into Buying Stuff That's Designed to Break

Skip the Hype, Go Durable

We envision a world in which better choices are easier to find, and easier to make— moving us all closer to a future not defined by waste.

How it Happens

  • They sell you a cute, colorful pan

  • It crumbles under the pressure of everyday use

  • You look for a replacement, but end up buying a 12-piece set

  • Only two of the pieces ever see the light of day

Rinse and repeat, while a new cookware trend rises


A Modern Heirloom,
Made for Legacy, Not Landfill

After 10 Uses

After 100 Uses

A New Standard in Sustainable Cookware

No coatings or hollow promises, just a dozen or more cooking methods with three streamlined pieces that stack or nest neatly to store.

Versatile AF

No Chemical Coatings

Induction Compatible, Oven & Dishwasher Safe

We're on a Mission

Our Environmental Promise

Doing Our Part To Make a Change

We’ve been made to believe cookware should be replaceable. But our planet isn’t.

Make An Impact with Us