The final release of our 3x award-winning flagship stainless steel set, engineered to last a lifetime. No coatings or hollow promises, just a dozen or more cooking methods with three streamlined pieces that stack or nest neatly to store.

What You're Getting

The Pot

The Skillet

The Lid

A skillet, and a pot. Everything you need, nothing you don't.


The Skillet

  • 12-inch wingspan
  • 304-grade stainless steel interior
  • Induction compatible 400-series stainless steel exterior
  • Aluminum core for quick and even heating
Handle stays cool to the touch

The Pot

  • 7-Quart Capacity
  • Flat base for roasts and sears
  • High walls for easy stir-fries and sautés
  • Perfect for pasta or batches of stock
Flared rim for no-drip pours
1 + 2

The Dutch Oven

  • Mimics the environment of a Dutch oven
  • Oven-safe for braises and baking
  • Patent-pending nesting handles
  • Reverse to create a cloche/combo cooker
Circulates heat and traps steam

Rethink What
Two Pans Can Do

Maximum functionality, minumum clutter.

  • Pastas, Stews, and Stocks

  • Sears, Roasts, and Sautés

  • Jams, Breads, and Deep-Fries

One Duo, Infinite Creative Possibilities

  • Lock in flavor with a quick sear

  • Wield high heat for the perfect stir-fry

  • Build complex layers with low-and-slow simmers

  • Oven-safe for roasting and braising

Non-Toxic & Safe

“Finish with flaky salt, and trace amounts of nonstick coating.” —no recipe ever.

We Never Needed Nonstick

Nonstick surfaces don’t make you a better cook—you do. (And no, "planet-friendly" coatings aren't a thing.)

Choose Time-Tested Materials

Cooking is a creative act, and not all canvases are created equal. Your kitchen deserves essentials that can keep up.

Sustainably Produced

High-impact, low footprint. Made in the USA.

Designed in

San Francisco, California

This isn't cookware of the Internet, spun from far-flung materials with no story to tell. We are cookware of California, and our products reflect a literal state of mind.

Built in

West Bend, Wisconsin

Made in collaboration with a family-owned manufacturer that's been making cookware for generations.

For Every Space

The Duo comes in three universal sizes, for different lifestyles and life stages.

  • From solo diners and small stovetops to friends-and-family feasts.

  • Design is a signal of intent. We design for versatility, durability, and elegance so you can cook more, with less—no matter the setting.

Made to Order

Because it’s better for the planet.

While it might require a little more patience than your average purchase, it’s worth the wait. Our cookware is responsibly crafted in small batches to both reduce waste and minimize our manufacturing footprint.

What's a few months for sustainably produced essentials that will last a lifetime?

Accepting Pre-Orders
Batch Minimum Met
First Sets Ship 🎉

Spring ‘23

Summer ‘23

Fall-Winter ‘23

  • We only make what we've sold. That means your Duo is made specifically for you.
  • A small-batch mindset allows for a laser focus on quality.
  • By embracing the unconventional, you're supporting a small business looking to shake up the status quo for the better.