Welcome to the Big Fat Box, our love letter to the world of cooking fats. 

Each new edition features one of our current obsessions—everything from plant-based oils to fats rendered from animal sources—paired with a few complementary ingredients for your kitchen adventuring.


This month, we’re savoring every last drop of West Coast warmth with a collection of stand-out local products from some of our favorite Californian neighbors. 

FAT GOLDSome ingredients are powerful enough to completely reframe your prior experiences of the ingredient itself. This is the magic of Fat Gold, a small-batch olive oil producer rooted in the East Bay since 2017.

For many of us, olive oil is so common it escapes much examination; it’s a means to a meal, rather than a stand-out player. Fat Gold luxuriates in the details—the bitter, peppery snap of a frantoio, the fruity, fragrant through-line of arbequina, or picual—with an uncanny ability to coax new levels of greatness from the best, already-very-great, California-grown olives.

RANCHO GORDO. Listen, winter’s coming, and if you only use your Hybrid Pot for giant batches of beans from here on out, that’s cool with us. Napa’s Rancho Gordo is the best in the biz, and while we were tempted to just pack this entire box with loose beans, we’ve restrained ourselves and gone with Mayocobas for their creamy, meaty versatility, plus a bonus pack of blushing crimson popcorn kernels for movie night.

FARMHOUSE LAB. You’ve not seen a salad until you’ve seen a Farmhouse Lab salad. Known for their playful and dynamic line of dressings, this Palo Alto outfit also makes our preferred form of confetti: a flower petal salt that instantly ups your garnish game.

A CUTE LIL SPOON. For scattering said salty petals with flair, and tasting extra-virgin olive oil like a pro. It’s made from olive wood, which we think ties in *pretty* nicely.