We believe that the food we eat defines each of us; it’s an intimate part of our identity. The way we approach buying, cooking, serving, and eating our meals is a reflection of ourselves, our community, and our worldview.

We think that food brings us together in a way that nothing else can. A meal eaten or cooked together nourishes our bodies and souls, opens our minds to the way others live, and allows us to disconnect from our screens while connecting with family and friends.

We know there is power in our purchasing decisions, so we vote with our forks. We read labels and do our research to try and buy real, wholesome products from ethical, responsible farmers and purveyors as often as possible. 

We care about our planet and all those living on it. We do our best to minimize waste, live more sustainably, and support people and organizations who work to make good food accessible to all. 

We aspire to help us all enjoy simpler, more intentional lives with beautifully functional things in the kitchen that spark joy, reflect our values, and help create new memories.

This is our Proclamation, and we are creating cookware for those who agree. So if that’s you, let’s tie on our aprons and get to work together. It’s time to Cook More, With Less.

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