The Proclamation Duo is available in two combos, allowing you to choose the best material configuration for your cooking style and kitchen: 1) Multi-Ply Stainless Steel Hybrid Pot with Carbon Steel Skillet OR 2) Multi-Ply Stainless Steel Hybrid Pot with Multi-Ply Stainless Steel Skillet. Honestly, you can't go wrong!

It depends on what you like to cook! For all around stovetop cooking, the lighter, more nimble all-stainless setup is a great option. If you like a little more weight, want to get a world-class sear, and shoot to sizzle like a pro, our carbon steel combo is most likely for you.

Our original Proclamation Duo includes a 12" sidekick Skillet and a 7 quart hybrid Pot. When we began designing, we wanted to cook as much as we could, with as few pieces as possible, and enough versatility to do everything from roast a whole chicken to cook up chili for a crew. We may offer a sized-down version in the future for those with smaller kitchens and fewer mouths to feed, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on any new releases!

The Proclamation Duo is versatile enough to cook the world of cuisines, durable enough to stand up to whatever you throw at it, and streamlined enough to reduce your kitchen clutter, all while looking great, no matter your home's aesthetic.

Our materials are tough enough to handle all your favorite tools, so no need to hide the tongs! Metal won't hurt our carbon steel, and while it may leave a scuff on stainless, it won't affect functionality. We think these minor mars are a badge of honor for your most-loved pieces, so go ahead and toss, flip, and stir with peace of mind. The Proclamation Duo can handle it.

We made it part of our Proclamation to avoid coatings of any kind. Coatings, even those labeled "non-toxic," often have a toxic application process. They also naturally chip and degrade over time, meaning they get into our food, our bodies, and our landfills. Instead, we created a product that doesn't need it. Our high quality surfaces are naturally low-stick and, with a little cooking oil or butter, will help you through even the stickiest situations.

Well, first, thanks for getting in the kitchen with us! We hope you love your Proclamation. The Proclamation Duo is fresh off the assembly line, so we suggest giving it a quick wash with warm, soapy water and then putting it to work for your favorite recipes. Oh, and what time is dinner served? We'll be right over. For more information, check out our Use and Care guide.

The Proclamation Duo was uniquely designed to nest together with the lid inside, reducing cabinet clutter and keeping your pieces in one place. Our intention is to streamline your storage, but our hope is that you love and use it so much, it never leaves your stovetop.


We chose to use a nitrogen heat treatment on our carbon steel Skillet because it's all-natural, meaning that in addition to helping make the sidekick Skillet low-stick and more durable, it is better for you and for our environment.

Since the 1950’s the term “non-stick” has been used by chemical companies to market their synthetic coatings that, to their credit, help to make sure food slides off your pan. Unfortunately, researchers continue to find that these non-stick coatings are bad for you, bad for the environment, or both. Coatings, even modern ones labeled "non-toxic" or “ceramic,” often have a toxic application process, and they naturally chip and degrade over time, meaning they get into our food and our bodies and are destined for our landfills from day one. Whenever possible, we strive for more sustainable processes, so instead, we created naturally low-stick pieces that don't require a coating. Our carbon steel is treated with an all-natural nitrogen heat process that perfectly preseasons our Skillet for low-stick cooking so good, neither eggs nor fish skin will stand in the way of the perfect meal. And if you continue to season your carbon steel at home, it will just get better with time. You can also avoid sticky situations in your stainless steel Skillet or Pot by heating the pan low and slow, adding a slick of your favorite cooking oil, and waiting to add your food until the pan and oil are hot. With the low-stick performance of the Proclamation Duo, you’ll never even miss those old non-stick pans!

We believe that owning fewer, better things for your kitchen and beyond can lead to a simpler, more intentional life, so we wanted to create cookware that reflects those values. We set out to create a highly versatile cookware kit that allows you to clear the cabinet clutter and replace those 10-piece, task-specific sets with thoughtfully designed pieces that can help you cook the world of cuisines. We think you can cook just about anything with Proclamation Duo, and as you reach for them again and again, you can feel good about reducing your cookware's impact on the environment and increasing your kitchen's storage space. We did exhaustive research and testing to build our patent-pending hinged handles and nesting design, source responsible materials from family-owned manufacturers, and create the highest quality product possible. That's our Proclamation. Learn more about our values here.

When lovingly maintained, your Proclamation Duo is designed to last for generations. We use premium materials and quality construction that can stand the test of time. There are no chemicals and no trendy colored coatings on our pans, so they won't chip or reveal anything toxic underneath. No matter what you throw their way, the sidekick Skillet and hybrid Pot will keep you cooking for years to come. For more information, visit our Use and Care section.

Both the sidekick Skillet and the hybrid Pot check in at 12" in diameter. The stainless steel Skillet is 3.5lbs, and the carbon steel Skillet is 5.8lbs (compared to a 12" cast iron skillet that weighs 7 or 8 lbs). Our hybrid Pot weights 4.1lbs. For more details check out the product pages for the Proclamation Duo, featuring the carbon steel Skillet and the stainless steel Skillet respectively.

The sidekick Skillet and hybrid Pot hinge together to form a dutch oven for ultimate versatility. The pieces can be used individually or together to take on pretty much any cooking task including boiling, simmering, searing, baking, and frying. When dinner is done, the two pieces nest together with their lid (that fits both!) to clear the clutter and make storage a cinch.

We've got a bumper crop of ideas for other essential products to add to our thoughtful collection, but we also want to hear from you! Feel free to let us know what new products, design tweaks, or other updates you'd like to see from us by emailing at team@proclamationgoods.com or reaching out on Instagram @proclamationgoods.

We are proud that both the sidekick Skillet and hybrid Pot are crafted in the USA by passionate family-owned businesses that have been manufacturing cookware for generations.

Our top priority is to get your Proclamation Duo safely from storeroom to stovetop. That means we have to put each piece in lightweight, recyclable plastic bags to protect the product (believe us, we tried not to!), but the rest of our packaging is fully compostable corrugate that contains at least 50% post-consumer recycled content. Whenever we are able, we work to reduce our environmental impact, and we strive to do the same with our packaging.

We designed the Proclamation Duo to fit in a standard 24" oven or larger.

Carbon steel has a higher iron content than cast iron, so it holds and radiates heat just as well but at a lighter weight. Like cast iron, it seasons over time, creating a beautiful matte black patina and naturally low-stick surface that improves with every meal you cook. Carbon steel is as durable as it gets, so use it in the campfire, break out the metal tools, and forget about wear and tear. Our multi-ply stainless steel is a contemporary classic: beautiful, lightweight, and with an aluminum core for quick and even heat distribution. Low and slow cooking is best with stainless, but it can withstand heat up to 500 degrees for recipes that use the stovetop and the oven. Stainless steel has a durable, brushed silver finish that you can keep looking like-new, if you choose, and that can withstand metal tools without affecting performance.


Fresh out of the box, your Proclamation Duo is ready to get cooking. But first, we suggest washing the pieces with warm soapy water, drying thoroughly, and adding some of your favorite oil before you fire up the stove. Pro tip: when using our stainless steel pieces, make sure the oil in the pan is hot over low to medium heat before adding foods to prevent sticking. Check out our Use and Care guide for more information on the right maintenance routine for your cooking style.

The 12" design is large and can be heavy for some cooks, so we suggest using both handles to move your pans around. The long handles are designed to stay cool during normal use on the stovetop, but the smaller helper handles are naturally closer to your heat source and can heat up. Remember that all handles will get hot when the put in the oven, so please use a pot holder or dish towel when touching as you get more familiar with your Proclamation. Your fingers will thank us!

Please see our Use and Care guide

Please see our Use and Care guide.

All of our pieces are perfectly safe in the dishwasher, so if you like a patina, load 'em up. If you prefer a spic-and-span pan, handwashing is the way to go. For more details, see our Use and Care guide.

Stainless steel does not need to be seasoned and is ready to go as-is. Carbon steel, even though it comes with a factory seasoning, will benefit from an at-home seasoning before you get cooking. The all-natural nitrogen heat treatment on our carbon steel means it's not completely necessary, but we think it adds even more performance to an already-exceptional Skillet. Check out carbon steel seasoning instructions here.

It’s normal for well-loved pans to show some wear and tear! We think of these minor mars as badges of honor for your most-used pieces, and they won't affect the performance or functionality of your Skillet or Pot. So if you think the patina is pretty, cook on and don't give it a second thought. But if you prefer a polished pan, check out our Use and Care guide for in-depth cleaning instructions.


The entire Proclamation Duo is oven safe, and our pieces can take the heat. The stainless steel is safe up to 500 degrees and carbon steel is safe to 700 degrees, so crank things up and get cooking. Oh, and friendly reminder that while the long handles stay cool on the stove top, all handles will get hot in the oven, so we suggest using a pot holder or dish towel to move your pans around. (Hot tip: a dish towel will make you look like a pro!)

Our pieces like it hot. The stainless steel is safe up to 500 degrees and carbon steel is safe to 700 degrees. We think that should cover nearly any recipe you've bookmarked! As long as you're here, please note that the 12" design is large and can be heavy for some cooks, so we suggest using both handles to move your pans around. And don't forget a pot holder or dish towel!

The Proclamation Duo was designed to be used, and used A LOT. You don't need to baby these pieces; we want you to put them to work. Our products are made from tough, premium materials that are free from coatings, so they won't chip and are scratch resistant. Both the sidekick Skillet and the hybrid Pot can handle whatever you throw at them, from high temperatures to metal utensils to a whole world of cuisines, so get cooking!

Yes! Carbon Steel is naturally induction compatible due to its high iron content, and our stainless steel is made with a 400 series stainless steel magnetic exterior that works perfectly with induction cooktops.


Our first batch of the stainless steel Proclamation Duos will begin shipping in the second week of December to ensure delivery by Christmas. Santa, did you get that? A second batch of the stainless steel kits and the first of the carbon steel Proclamation Duos will ship in early January 2020 to make sure those kitchen resolutions start with a bang. Order now and be one of the first to Cook More, With Less!

Unless we sell out, the first batch of our all-stainless steel Proclamation Duos is guaranteed for delivery by Christmas if you order by December 12, 2019, so your holiday shopping plans just got easier. The carbon steel configuration and batch two of the all-stainless steel Duos will arrive in early January 2020.

We currently ship (for free!) to the 48 contiguous United States. We are working to ship the Proclamation Duo to cooks everywhere, so if you live elsewhere and would like to purchase, email us at team@proclamationgoods.com, and we'll do our best to help you Cook More, With Less.

We ship FREE to customers in the 48 contiguous United States (so save those dollars for the farmer's market).

Please email us at partners@proclamationgoods.com.

Please email us at team@proclamationgoods.com right away and include a few pictures of the packaging and damaged product. We've rigorously tested our packaging to make sure your Proclamation arrives in great shape, but if it was mishandled by one of our delivery partners we'll make it right!

We're working to add a gift messaging option, but in the meantime please place your order as usual and forward your confirmation email to team@proclamationgoods.com with any added instructions. As long as it hasn't shipped, we'll be happy to do our best to meet your request.


We started this company to create cookware that was in line with our values of responsible buying, cooking, and eating, and that mission became our Proclamation. To read the full Proclamation (and namesake) behind our brand, click here.

We started Proclamation Goods to be a force for good in our communities, as a business, as cooks, and as humans. As a new company, we knew our commitment had to start with our product, and we have been fully focused on creating pieces we can all be proud to use and enjoy for generations to come. From the responsibly sourced and all-natural materials in our pieces, to American manufacturing, to a design that allows you to Cook More, With Less, we think the Proclamation Duo delivers on our mission, and we hope it will inspire cooks everywhere to make our Proclamation their own. Now that we've launched, we’re ready to leverage success to make a tangible, positive impact on the food system: creating better access to Good Food for all, supporting sustainably-minded farmers and purveyors, and ensuring those who grow our food are treated with respect. We are doing our homework to find partners who have the same values, so please let us know if there’s an organization we should check out. You can email us suggestions at giveback@proclamationgoods.com.

The Proclamation Duo is exclusively available at www.ProclamationGoods.com.

Our team is working on partnerships to provide reuse solutions through our company, so email us at giveback@proclamationgoods.com if you'd like to suggest an organization we should consider. In the meantime, we hope you'll donate or recycle your old pots and pans. Your local GoodWill or Salvation Army can help your old, functional cookware find a new home.

We accept all major credit and debit cards.

We designed the Proclamation Duo to get used, and we'd hate to have it collect dust. If you find that the product doesn't work for you, you can return it, no questions asked, within 30 days of delivery. Email us at team@proclamationgoods.com, and we'll send you a return shipping label and find your Proclamation Duo a new home.

Please email your request to team@proclamationgoods.com and include your order confirmation in your message. If you cannot find it or have any additional questions, go ahead and reach out, and we'll do our best to help you get the information you need!

Like a long-cooking cassoulet, we know we're worth the wait! Regardless of when you order your Proclamation Duo, our specialized process requires added steps and care to ensure the highest quality product. We use a mix of craftsmanship and automation, with final adjustments and fittings done by hand, and we want it done right so that once it gets to you it'll last for generations. The Proclamation Duo is the first of its kind, and as they say: "good things come..." But don't worry, we'll send you updates along the way, so you'll know when it's time to preheat the oven.

We love hearing from you! Since we can't do this around the dinner table, feel free to send any questions or comments to team@proclamationgoods.com. You can also join the conversation on our Instagram page, so follow along @proclamationgoods, and don't forget to show us what you're cooking by using #CookMoreWithLess!