Chef Eliza Martin

Interview with the Chef

  1. What feeds your passion for your work?

    Chef Eliza: You mean besides the leftovers? :) Puns aside, the reward of getting folks to use their own hands, the two greatest tools in the kitchen, is the best part of my work. Empowerment through food is the greatest gift.

  2. In your life and career, what role does food play in making a positive impact?

    Chef Eliza: Julia Child was the first to really give us a look at how easy it could be to craft beautiful food all on our own. Alice Waters is a local lady chef cut from the same cloth. It is our duty as chefs to ensure the essential skill of cooking is not only honored as sacred practice, but shared with our community. Food is our very sustenance, and when we can learn to control it or transform it in the kitchen, a whole world of healthy possibilities emerge.

  3. What's your source of inspiration right now? 

    Chef Eliza: FALL FESTIVE EATING! Pumpkins, squash, apples, oh my!

  4. What are you eating straight out of the container, standing at the counter at 2am?

    Chef Eliza: Cereal. Cinnamon Life to be exact. Or roasted SALTED way too many.

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