Cook up some good AND some comfort food with chef Jenny Dorsey.

We’re doing Black Friday and Cyber Monday a little differently this year, offering customers the option to donate their discount in support of Studio ATAO, the nonprofit started by chef Jenny Dorsey to use delicious food (like the below recipe!) to inspire social change, empowering people to find ways to become change agents in their communities through small acts of service. The nonprofit’s mission is to inspire socially conscious individuals toward action through unique exhibitions and experiences that foster empathetic, vulnerable conversations and community-building.

November 23-30, 2020, we are offering you a $50 discount. You can choose to enjoy the deal for yourself, share the full $50 with Studio ATAO, or do a little bit of both. Those who opt to donate will get some exciting free gifts, including a Proclamation Dinner Bell and free admission to Studio ATAO’s upcoming virtual cook-along and discussion series!

Enjoy this special recipe from Jenny Dorsey’s home kitchen.

Follow along with the video below to watch Chef Jenny Dorsey whip up one of her favorite dishes, Braised Taro and Pork Riblets, and then select one of the donation options when you purchase your new Proclamation pans to get the written recipe card with all the details.

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